Price :R2850 Excluding VAT
Duration :

1 day course

7TH JULY 2010

11TH AUGUST 2010

Clients are what makes the world go around but it does not mean that they are always right!

While we all try to satisfy our clients needs and meet their requests, we all encounter those extremely difficult and manipulative customers who tend to try and force you into an answer you are not comfortable with.

Join us now to learn how to deal with irate and aggressive clients as well as people in general and understand that you can disagree but empower yourself to put your point across in an assertive, friendly and convincing way.

Topics covered and tips discovered…

Identify your client and establish the frame of mind and personality you are dealing with

Effectively determine what the problem is

Avoid being dragged into an emotional argument

Don’t be led by the nose chasing red herrings

Diplomacy and how it will help you avoid being caught in situations that could cause you a lot of headaches

Winning over your unhappy client and attracting more clients

Communicating clearly to avoid any misunderstandings and to create open two way channels of communication

Dealing with misunderstandings

Lowering your stress levels and escalating your customer service levels by being pro-active

Dealing with colleagues and staff who are challenging

Factors influencing customers and how you approach problem solving

Magic tips on how to astonish and astound your clients with your never ending stream of information…

Don’t miss out on this dynamic and interactive one day course. Seats are limited and fill quickly!

Who Should Attend?

HR, IR, Development & Operations Personnel
Decision Makers                                                               

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