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Table Content:

What is change management?

Individual and Organisational Change Perspective                                                

Resistance to Change

Categorising Change                                                                                                     

Change Response Styles

Planned versus Emergent Change                                                                             

The Power of Perception

Episodic versus Continuous Change                                                                          

Motivation Theories

Proactive and Reactive Responses to Change                                                         

Emotional Intelligence

Who is involved in Managing Change?                                                                     

Change Approaches

Change Management Players                                                                                     

Change Risk

The Change Agent                                                                                                         

How to Sustain Commitment to Change


Advantages of an Effective Change Management Process

3 Phase Model for Change                                                                                          

Change Management Summary  

Change management Levers

The importance of Effective Communication

Steps in Planed Change

Change Readiness

Change and Culture

Change and Emotions

Major Life Events and Chronic Minor Stressors (Daily Hassles)

Workshop Outcomes:

Understanding the various categories of change
Understanding who is involved in managing change and the role they play.
Awareness of the importance of effective communication
Awareness of the characteristics of a Change Agent
Understanding effective change sponsorship
Assessing your current change management approach
Assessing your current levels of stress
Developing tactics for handling resistance to change
Acquiring change management skills and techniques

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