Price: R3350.00
Course Dates:
• 15TH- 16TH July  2010
• 5th- 6th August 2010
• 8TH- 9TH September 2010
Duration: 2 day

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?

Effective business communication skills have never been more crucial to business success.  The more easily members can communicate freely with each other the more likelihood there is of group cohesiveness.  Communications are affected by the work environment, by the nature of the task, and by technology.

Peter Drucker quite bluntly states that poor communications are a direct result of our ignorance (Parkinson & Rowe, 1978).

He contends that we do not know:

• what to say;
• when to say it;
• how to say it; or
• to whom to say it.

This course provides the basic principles of how to successfully get your point across, or share your information with the intended audience at the level of understanding (or comprehension) of your audience in the workplace

Specific outcomes:

• Facilitate open communication

• Communicate with their audience in mind

• Demonstrate an understanding of business communications

• Write business documentation: emails, reports and proposals

• Check spelling, punctuation and grammar are accurate

• Communicate with supplier, customer and colleagues appropriately

• Demonstrate an understanding of verbal communication, body language and active listening

• Indentify and use effective presentations, use different types of presentations, plan a presentation, and determine presentation objectives

• Communicate in the digital age

Who Should Attend?

All people who want to communicate more effectively in business.  Among those would who will find this courseware of value:  Managers, Contact centre staff, Sales consultants, Secretaries and anybody in your organisation who communicates with customers.