Price: R2100.00
Course dates:
• 13 July 2010
• 10 August 2010
• 7 September 2010

Duration: 1 day

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Most of us spend a large portion of our time and energy engaged in work, whether we work for a giant corporation or a SMME there is no doubt about it work can be and is stressful, this workshop will help you to manage yourself, your time and your stress better.

Time management includes tools or techniques for planning and scheduling time, with the aim of increasing effectiveness and/or efficiency of personal and corporate time use.  Po10tial demonstrates how one is able to control their time with a few very simple techniques.  The well known case study “Who’s Got the Monkey?”, by William Oncken, Jr., and Donald L. Wass is used to explain the five degrees of initiative available to managers and staff alike.

Delegates are moved from the lowest degree of initiative to the highest degree of initiative, namely:

• waiting to be told
• asking what to do
• making a recommendation, then taking the recommended action
• taking action, but advising others at once
• acting on one’s own, then routinely reporting it to others

Employees are currently abusing time management tools or are using them incorrectly in a corporate setting.  Time management software can satisfy the need to control employees, make it easier to coordinate work and increase accountability of individual employees and Po10tial ensures that after the course there is no ‘Monkey Business’.

Po10tial’s Time Management:

• Time Management Personality
• Time Management Tools and Systems for Planning
• Case Study –Management Time – Who’s Got the Monkey
• Global Principles
• Applying Principles to my Time Management Personality
• Spending my Abilities while Saving my Time

Specific outcomes:

1. Identify time management profiles and understand the principles of time management.
2. Draw up and implement time efficient work plans to carry out department/division work functions
3. Identify and solve problems using critical and creative thinking, when prioritizing tasks and translating strategy into action.
4. Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information in the translation of strategic intent into daily action.
5. Communicate effectively with stakeholders regarding the organisation`s strategy and with the staff with regard to tasks delegated and deadlines expected.
6. Understand that the world is a set of related systems and that lack of time management in one area of the organisation will impact on the performance of others in the organisation.

Our workshop curriculum is designed to ensure knowledge transfer is performed in an environment conducive to learning; learning is experiential and encourages learners to partake in role play, simulation and live scenarios.

Po10tial’s ethic revolves around the inarguable fact that people are your most valuable assets. Their ability to perform – to work efficiently, communicate clearly and lead effectively – determines your company’s success.  You need to ensure that they are prepared to excel in the workplace and you need to help them understand that their individual progress will ensure your company’s success.