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Course dates:
• 1 July 2010
• 20 August 2010
• 16 September 2010

Duration: 1 day

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HIV/AIDS basics & prevention 

South Africa is experiencing the worst HIV pandemic of the planet. Skilled people are dying every day in great numbers. The very survival of the South African economy is at stake. It is time to reverse the tide and save our country from disaster.

People are dying because of ignorance, stigma and pre-conceived ideas. It is time to get the proper information about HIV/AIDS and get rid of all the garbage that has been floating around. 

By empowering your employees with the knowledge that HIV need not be a death sentence anymore, we will create an atmosphere where your staff feels confident to seek treatment if need be and continue to be productive in your business. 

Fabien Nové-Josserand has been living with HIV for the past 27 years. He is a living proof that HIV can be managed. He has written an autobiography about his experience living with HIV for so long, “My Life with Alphonse – Living with HIV” and a practical ebook “Dealing with Alphonse – 8 Steps to Deal with HIV”. 

Po10tial’s HIV/AIDS Workshop is comprised of two sessions.

·         The morning segment covers HIV/AIDS Basics and Prevention and is aligned with unit standard SAQA116999 (see details below).

·         The afternoon session gives a practical, hands-on approach to effectively dealing with HIV. This is called “8 Steps to Deal with HIV – or anything in your Life”, a totally new proprietary concept of dealing with HIV or any hardship in one’s life and carry on living and working. 

Morning Session:

Awareness on HIV/AIDS: Basics and Prevention

  1. What is HIV? What is AIDS?
  2. How is HIV spread?
  3. How can the spread of HIV be prevented?
  4. Impact of STI on HIV infection and risks
  5. What happens after HIV infection
  6. ARVs and available treatments for HIV
  7. Myths and Facts about HIV and AIDS
  8. Rights and Duties of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Afternoon Session:


“8 Steps to Deal with HIV”

STEP 0:  Beginning the Journey with your “Alphonse”
The Grim Reaper: the TV advertisement that saved my life.


STEP 1: Get Tested
Why should you get tested? What’s in it for you?


STEP 2: Grieve
The grieving process.


STEP 3: Become the Expert Patient
Knowledge is power.
Tests: CD4 Cell test count & Viral Load test – add years to your life.


STEP 4: Acceptance
Denial is not an option.


STEP 5: Forgiving Yourself
What is forgiveness?


STEP 6: Forgiving Others
Banishing the poison of blame.


STEP 7: Treatment & Support
Early detection is of paramount importance.
Treatment – ARVs and my first experience with ARVs.
Support Structures.


STEP 8: Living Healthily
Be healthy: exercise, eat well, keep a sane mind, use your common sense.
Safe behavioural practices.



Our workshop curriculum is designed to make individuals get tested and adopt the right attitude that allows for a healthy productive way of dealing with their status, so that they function in their job roles with greater efficacy.  This means that workshops cater for employees as individuals, who also function as part of their organisation’s culture, structure and style: neither ambit is neglected or prioritised, in favour of a holistic approach.

CHAT’s comprehensive, customer-focused solution includes facilitated soft skill training, while tailor-made courses – aligned to your company’s specific requirements – may also be developed.


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