16- 17 AUGUST 2010
16-17 SEPTEMBER 2010




In the ever changing world ….

you need to keep up with your staff!

Regardless of the size of your business, it is imperative that you and your decision makers keep abreast of the minefield of Labour Relations. A minor oversight could be the reason your business is shut down!

Join us now in our very popular and entertaining “advanced labour law” seminar which will guide you through this very complicated and confusing landscape of legal issues and traps that many of us find ourselves in.

topics covered

  • Overview of the essential and laws and their interpretation
  • Understand the meaning of legal terms used and how to use them yourself
  • Understanding the implications and agreements of the alliance and how it affects you
  • Holistic overview of workplace discipline and how to implement this discipline by remaining fair and neutral but most importantly consistent
  • What are dismissals and when does a termination become a dismissal even without you knowing
  • Learn about the many types of dismissals and which to avoid at all costs
  • Work through the disciplinary and hearing process and understand which processes work well
  • What is deemed procedurally fair and unfair and when is my judgment deemed substantively unfair?
  • Do I have the right as an employer to question my own process?
  • How do I know when an employee has breached a rule and how do I determine how serious this breach is?
  • How to go about initiating investigations and determining what to look for and where to look
  • How to take statements and how to interrogate statements
  • Posing of questions that are effective and hard hitting and how to cross examine witnesses effectively

Who Should Attend?

Office Staff
Sales Staff
HR & Related Personnel
Call Agents & everyone else.

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